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Learning is an ongoing process. We should study daily, analyze the results regularly and apply methods to improve our previous results.

With Pomodoros.com.br I can have more control over my time, be more productive and perform my tasks better.

I used Pomodoros.com.br a few years ago, every day. I was happy to know that the website came back, I hope people use it again, I'll try to get into the habit too because 'super' helped me!

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Pomodoros.com.br Android Application Released in Beta Stage


A 2011 goal is finally getting out of the way, developing the native app for Android . Due to the advancement of Focus Training, application development was prioritized so that the first course students could download faster. With the application we expect to grow a little faster, for some investors it is also a differential […]

Mega Update, Pre-Release Closing List


Before launching Pomodoros.com.br officially, I had to make a last list of updates, very extensive, that grew as I finished the tasks, but that brought great results from the point of view of programming and also many features for the users. The updates were: Advertising Space It was not the most difficult or the most […]

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Pomodoros is close to being released and you can help make this project a reality. We will be present in USA, UK and many english speak countries, we started searching users in theses countries to became global. With your financial support your brand will always be visible on the site, reaching all our users. Your […]